LIME-A-WAY® Toggle: The Large Surface Hard Water Bathroom Cleaner

LIME-A-WAY® Toggle

LIME-A-WAY® is the expert hard water cleaner that provides solutions to your lime, calcium and rust stains. It is scientifically proven to eliminate limescale deposits, leaving your home clean from hard water stains.

LIME-A-WAY® has three hard water solutions to suit your bathroom cleaning needs: Trigger, Toggle and Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

LIME-A-WAY® Toggle is the bathroom cleaning expert that's designed to remove hard water stains on large surfaces. LIME-A-WAY® Toggle is great at eliminating limescale deposits, calcium, and rust stains from bathtubs and shower walls. LIME-A-WAY® Toggle is an effective hard water stain removal product because it is specially formulated to clean the toughest lime, calcium and rust stain buildups.

If you need a hard water bathroom cleaner for smaller surface areas, try LIME-A-WAY® Trigger, which eliminates lime, calcium and rust stains from basins, sinks, faucets, taps and fixtures in an easy to use spray bottle.


Wearing rubber gloves, use your fingernail or pen point and apply slight backward pressure to the ridge of flip top. Once flip top is raised slightly, the flip top can be lifted completely. Apply directly to the stain or damp sponge or cloth. Wipe and rinse area promptly and thoroughly with cold clean water. For heavy build up or hard water deposits, apply directly to the area then rinse promptly. Always re-close after use and store with cap closed.

Available in 28 oz