LIME-A-WAY® - For Lime, Calcium and Rust, LIME-A-WAY® is a Must

Hard Water Bathroom Cleaning Products

LIME-A-WAY® is the expert hard water cleaner that provides solutions to your lime, calcium and rust stains. It is scientifically proven to eliminate limescale deposits, leaving your home clean from hard water stains.

LIME-A-WAY® has three hard water solutions to suit bathroom cleaning your needs: Trigger, Toggle and Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

If you have hard water stains on smaller surfaces, LIME-A-WAY® Trigger provides an easy to use solution to eliminate lime, calcium, and rust stains. For larger surfaces, LIME-A-WAY® Toggle is great at removing hard water stains and limescale deposits. For your toilet, LIME-A-WAY® Toilet Bowl Cleaner is the hard water solution for tough stains even below the waterline. Take control and remove hard water stains and limescale deposits with LIME-A-WAY®.


Our Bathroom Solutions for Hard Water Stains

LIME-A-WAY® Trigger LIME-A-WAY® Toggle LIME-A-WAY® Toilet Bowl Cleaner